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Agriculture appeared in Egypt around 6000 BC, where historical studies indicate that the inhabitants of the cities built Meredh safety and Fayoum were knowing the arts of agriculture around the year 5500 BC. Agriculture has been confined to the country's ancient history on traditional food crops such as grain and legume crops, and the industry and tanning, flax and safflower crops and indigo, and I knew the modern Egyptian agriculture these same crops and added her exotic crops such as rice, cotton and sugar cane. Thus agricultural production added to its importance, which is the local saturation importance in trade issued has remained agriculture is the main source of national income of the country until the year 1950 amounting to agricultural area in Egypt, 8.5 million acres, or about 3.5% of the total area of Egypt, and have contributed to development projects vertical farm in reach crop area to 15.2 million acres in 2007. formed agricultural exports, an important national source of income, and agricultural exports from 471 million pounds worth rose at the beginning of the eighties of the twentieth century to reach about 6.79 billion pounds, with the beginning of the twenty-first century, and comes at the forefront of exports of raw cotton, followed by rice crop by as much as 40% of total agricultural exports, then the potatoes and orange exports. Come and EU markets at the forefront of future markets for Egyptian exports which absorbs 42% of total agricultural exports.